3.What Will We Use for Development?(Study Notes)

3.What Will We Use for Development?(Study Notes)

What software is used to make Android apps?

There is an entire suite of special software we can use to make android apps

Like all other coding projects, we can use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to make it easier to make apps. The one used for android is called Android Studio and is maintained by Google and Jetbrains.

The IDE can also run virtual android devices (Emulators) on your computer for testing. It can also send the code to your phone to run (as discussed in the last lesson), and even upload your code to the Google Play Store!

Why should we use an IDE?

You can technically write code with a basic text editor, but an IDE makes everything much, much easier. It highlights syntax (different parts of code) to make it easy to read. It points out potential errors. It can auto-complete for faster code writing. It also helps in debugging!

What Languages are used to make Android Apps?

Apps can be programmed with both Java and Kotlin programming languages, alongside XML (Extensible Markup Language).

Java / Kotlin is used for making the logic of the app (think the brains/ Backend) while XML can be used for UI and writing data resources.

This is similar to the relationship between HTML/CSS and Javascript.

What is Android SDK?

A collection of software libraries and functionality called Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) is also used. It can help to build UI (User Interface), handle Input, and many other functions that really aid in making apps

Android SDK is super popular, so there is a lot of support for it! In terms of Virtual Machines, Documentation, Sample Code and Tutorials, consider yourself covered!

Can my code run on any phone?

Since android is meant to be versatile, it will make sure the code can be run easily on any device, and will even make the app fit according to screen size, whether tablet or mobile!

Fun Fact : Android versions are named after popular snacks such as Kit Kat, Oreo. Icecream Sandwich, and more! See the image below:

How can my apps, once done, be uploaded to the public?

You have two options in this case:

  1. Google Play Store: The Google Play store is the official place where android apps can be released. It is also the most popular place for android apps. However, you will have to pay google to get a developer account so you can upload apps.
  2. Other Websites; You can upload your app as an APK(Android PacKage) to other unofficial app distributors for free. These however are not popular.

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