6 Types Of Classmates In Online Class

online class

During the epidemic, we’ve all had our fair share of online class encounters. Whether we’ve met new students electronically or caught up with old ones in person, we’ve almost certainly seen a different side of them. After all, we all have distinct habits and present ourselves in different ways online. So, let’s start with the first person you’ll probably meet in your online class.


1. The Shy Photographer

The camera-averse classmate is the one who keeps their camera turned off at all times. They may turn it on when the professor demands it, or they may make excuses by claiming that they don’t have a webcam or that it isn’t working. They are prone to be reserved and passive in nature. If you aren’t already friends with this student, it’s doubtful you’ll ever find out why they don’t turn on their web cameras because they are quiet. Some people may assume that if a student is a slacker, they’re just resting or eating when they shouldn’t be.


2. The Kahoot Joker

When professors wish to offer their classes an online quiz, they use Kahoot. While everyone must provide a name in order to enter the room, most students use their true names, the Kahoot Joker is the classmate who chooses a name that makes everyone laugh the instant it appears. This name could be a smart pun or a reference to a meme. The Kahoot Joker is almost certainly the class clown, which explains why they feel comfortable pulling these tricks and risk being chastised by the more serious lecturers. They’re almost certainly entertaining and well-liked.


3. The Background Noise

The Background Noise is one classmate who joins the call and is immediately silenced by the professor. The severity of this one, though, varies. A more subdued variant may be the student who usually has their parents talking on the phone or the TV on in the background. Their sense of self-awareness varies as well. They could be the classmate who has to be reminded to quiet themselves by the lecturer, or they could be the classmate who attempts to remain silent unless called upon to respond to a question. If they don’t quiet themselves, they may appear inconsiderate, but they are most likely harmless!


4. The Bad Connection

This student constantly seems to have a poor Internet connection. They frequently have to leave the room and rejoin several times before their connection becomes stable. In the worst-case scenario, they may become sluggish or even appear frozen when asked a question. Their last resort will most likely be to try to attend the lecture using their phone or another device. When they’re in a pinch, they might also try to use their data plan or a hotspot. They’re not the type of person you’d ask for notes from!


5. The Woke-Up-Late

This classmate is notorious for arriving late to class and putting in the absolute minimum effort to appear presentable on camera. If they have a few minutes before the lecture, you might catch a glimpse of them eating their breakfast. They’ll most likely appear exhausted and sleep-deprived. It could be because they’re a gamer, a mugger (someone who works really hard in school), or someone who works extra part-time jobs to help support their family. If one does not know better, they will most likely be labeled as a slacker.


6. The Pet Owner

You’re likely to hear a dog barking in the background if the Pet Owner owns one. It might even come and wag its tail at the camera until it’s petted, then walk away. If your classmate has a cat, they may even put it on their lap and allow it to sleep or cuddle with them. The more serious lecturers are likely to become irritated with this particular classmate and set a severe “No Pets On Camera” rule to keep the other pupils from being distracted. But who can blame someone for wanting to see some cute animals during a boring lecture on algorithms?



We encourage you to mingle with your online peers and establish friends, regardless of which stereotypes they may fall into. University is a period when you can step outside of your comfort zone and socialize with individuals from all walks of life. After all, we shouldn’t pass judgment on others too quickly. For some people, being on camera can cause anxiety because they become hyper-aware of their conduct and appearance. This may cause your online peers to act differently as a result of their nerves! It’s likely that you, too, have experienced this to some degree! Even if you don’t have a positive picture of the person based on your online classes together, it’s still a good idea to have an open mind! Who knows, maybe the individual will surprise you and become one of your closest friends.