Wield The Blade Of Excalibur : A Guide To Minecraft Sword Enchantments


Because there are so many different weapons and tools in Minecraft, determining the optimal sword enchantments for each piece can be difficult. Swords have access to some of the most powerful enchantments in the system, with higher-level enchantments yielding better effects.

It can be difficult to know what to look for when you open an enchanting table and see all the different sorts of enchantments that occur each time you enchant anything new. Here is a list of the greatest sword enchantments to boost your Minecraft gameplay if you want the most useful and deadly sword available.

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Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments to Have

Mending (I)

Adding Mending to your weapon will save you the trouble of always having to construct new weapons, which takes a lot of time and hard-earned levels. When you attack something that drops experience, this enchantment will restore your sword’s durability. Almost every mob in the game falls into this category. Hostile mobs, which you will most likely be fighting with your sword, drop more experience and repair your blade faster.

Unbreaking (I-III)

If you’re going to the trouble of enchanting anything, make sure it’s enchanted with Unbreaking to boost its durability. Depending on the amount of Unbreaking, it can aid lessen durability depletion by giving you a possibility to not break it down across every usage.

Sharpness (I-V)

This boosts the amount of melee damage you can deal. This enchantment increases the effectiveness of your weapon against mobs. The amount of damage increased depends on the level of Sharpness you enchant it to, thus for the greatest results, attempt to enchant it to a higher level of Sharpness.

Looting (I-III)

The amount and quality of monster drops are both increased by this enchantment. When enemies are defeated with a Looting sword, they drop more things, and the likelihood of acquiring rare goods increases. Looting yields extra food per drop when striking passive animal mobs like sheep or pigs, which is handy for farming large amounts of food quickly. Looting is also useful for quickly acquiring mob drops from harder-to-confront opponents, like Blaze Rods from Blazes.

Fire Aspect (I-II)

This is one of the most useful enchantments in Minecraft as it allows you to set fire to any target. This enchantment causes mobs to receive a lot of fire damage. Food-dropping mobs, such as cows or sheep, will leave completely cooked items, saving you the time and effort of cooking raw food in a smoker or furnace. Fire Aspect makes combat easier and faster against hostile creatures by dealing constant damage after just one hit.

Sweeping Edge (I-III)

This enchantment boosts the damage of sweep attacks against mobs. It makes it easier and more effective to hit many mobs while also pushing them back significantly. This enchantment is currently only available in the Java Edition, but it will be brought to the Bedrock Edition soon.

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