How to get your app onto your phone? (Study Notes)

Study Notes Template

If you want to run your app on an actual mobile device, you can follow the steps below. Of course, since we haven’t made anything yet there is nothing to try to send :(. So this is just an FYI of how you COULD do it. We will be tackling this later when we have an app working.

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging so we can upload an APK File

(Method may differ from device to device, Google if this doesn’t work)

To do this go to Settings-About Phone → Build Number

Click the build number button 3 or more times (However many times prompted)

You should now have access to Developer Settings, which look like this :

Step 2: Connect Phone to PC (with a USB Cable) and allow Transfer

Step 3: Open Android Studio (We will also be learning about this later)

Step 4: Click Run → Connected Devices then select your device

Step 5: Viola!

The app works on your device! If you unplug the phone, the app will still work!

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