Augmented Reality Highlights Heritage


In support of the Digital for Life (DFL) movement, the South West Community Development Council (CDC), SG Digital Office (SDO), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood), and LDR Technology Pte Ltd recently launched the “Heartland Gems @ South West Augmented Reality (AR) Trail,” a first-of-its-kind curated Augmented Reality trail.


This program intends to promote the appreciation of the rich history, culture, and tradition of the heartland among locals while encouraging them to learn new digital skills. We have developed a fun and original approach to exploring and appreciating local history, culture, and heritage through cutting-edge technology by fusing the old with the new. Families of all ages may enjoy themselves together discovering the sights and sounds of our Bukit Gombak treasures, changing what was once known into novel discoveries.


The program, the minister continued, provides a platform for bringing technology to people who are less familiar with computers. By creating safe and attractive learning environments where everyone may utilize technology, Singapore can promote greater digital inclusion. The communities become closer by taking part in, respecting, and co-creating the AR historical trails together.


The first tour at Bukit Gombak features fifteen breathtakingly beautiful spots, including Little Guilin and the Neighborhood Food Centre. Using AR on the Locomole app and carefully placed QR codes along the trails, locals may learn intriguing facts and history about the areas as well as the stories of the hawkers and merchants. Additionally, they can take hilarious images with 3D AR objects and participate in minigames at various locales.


The heart-shaped design, which blends neighborhood abstracts and street iconography and has a QR code embedded, was made by a group of SIT students. Additionally, some of the content for the augmented reality trails in the Locomole app was created by these students.


In addition, the SDO used its network of Digital Ambassadors to instruct the less tech-savvy elderly and citizens on how to utilize the AR and QR codes required for the activity, as well as young volunteers from ITE College West and the Boys’ Brigade. The trail’s inaugural users included about 25 senior folks from social service organizations.


Cooperation is another example of the successful use of the 3Ps (Private, Public, and People). The project aims to motivate like-minded partners to step forward and Play-a-Part in co-creating significant initiatives like this in order to encourage more Singaporeans to embrace digital as a lifetime endeavor and to use digital technology to better their lives. SIT, on the other hand, is thrilled to take part in this initiative to create a Smart Heritage model in Singapore by using augmented and virtual reality to gather and portray historical events. bringing local history to life by fusing digital and real-world interactions.


A project dubbed “Adapting Waterfronts: Postcards from the future, Singapore 2122″ is an interactive installation that explores the consequences of climate change and sea-level rise 100 years from now. This was previously covered by Postcards from the Future,” designed by scientists, architects, and artists, are shown at the exhibition and show how sea-level rise will be addressed in the twenty-first century. A portion of the guided tour that does this makes the history, present, and future of the location-based changes visible through the use of augmented reality (AR) technology.