How to Become a Game Developer in Singapore

how to become a game developer in singapore

How to Become a Game Developer in Singapore:

Choose the programming language that you want to master.

To become a game developer in Singapore, you will need to choose a programming language. There are many options out there and it can be overwhelming to pick one. However, you must find one that you’re passionate about and want to master. This is because coding isn’t just about writing code; it’s also about thinking in code.

If you have no idea where to start, my recommendation would be Python or C++ as they are more widely used by developers today than Java or JavaScript (which are both still great options). Personally speaking though, I think Python is the best choice for beginners because of its simplicity and easy learning curve – even if your goal is not to become an expert at it!

Learn to think in codes.

  • Get a copy of the book “Thinking in C++”.
  • This is a good introduction to the language and its explanations are pretty clear.

Learn Data Structures and Algorithms.

You should also know how data is structured and organized. For example, it’s good to know about arrays, linked lists, binary trees, hashtables, and graphs. Then you can solve problems related to each of these structures like searching for an item in a sorted array or finding the shortest path through a graph.

The best way to learn data structures is by coding them yourself. It’s not that hard – if you have basic programming skills then you can start from scratch and make your implementations of all kinds of data structures in any language you like (e.g., C++).

Master git concepts.

Git is a distributed version control system that tracks changes in any set of files and allows for versioning. It’s used to track changes in source code during software development, but it can also be used for any kind of file.

Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system, which means that you can use git without paying anything.

If you want to become a game developer then learning about git will help you immensely.

Find a mentor (or a friend).

You should find a mentor. A mentor is someone in the game industry who can help you learn about game development and figure out if you’re passionate about it. This person doesn’t have to be a senior developer or even a professional game designer or programmer—they just need to know more than you do! If you want to become a game developer, don’t worry about finding someone who knows everything about the field: their role is not to teach you everything but rather to guide you through your journey as a newbie.

They will help explain topics that might be difficult for beginners like object-oriented programming (OOP), C++, Unity3D, and more. They’ll also teach you how they learned these things: maybe they read books on top of tutorials, watched videos online instead of reading manuals all day long, or perhaps they attended lectures at local universities where courses were delivered by professional educators with years’ worth of experience under their belts!

Look for inspiring content.

  • Read books about game development.

  • Watch YouTube videos about game development.

  • Read blogs about game development.

  • Follow game developers on social media, and play their games as well!

  • Speak to game developers and ask them questions!

Keep your mind open (and read the source code).

Reading and understanding other people’s source code is one of the best ways to learn how to code. It’s also a great way to understand how other developers think when they write code.

Source code can be found in various places, including:

  • Open-source software on Github and Bitbucket
  • Blogs or websites that explain how their web application works
  • Forums where people ask questions about problems they’re having with an app

Becoming a game developer isn’t as simple as just learning how to code. There are many extra things you must do outside coding itself, but it can be done!