Break into the tech business with little to no experience

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ZERO Experience? No Problem!

For individuals looking for a change in their career, Singapore’s tech industry offers a unique set of challenges and chances. While most occupations require a formal degree, there are a few excellent ones that may be obtained with little experience. What exactly are you waiting for?

Transitioning into the tech industry will be difficult, but with focus, determination, and passion, you can start your new career today!

Here are five different ways to do so:

  1. Take on technical projects
  2. Learn more technical skills
  3. Consider startups
  4. Find a mentorship
  5. Immersion


Take on technical projects — Diving in head first is the best approach to see if you are technically inclined and get basic skills. To gain experience in the field, work on side projects in your current job or in your spare time. Let’s face it: just being interested in the subject isn’t enough. Then it turns into a pastime. Getting real-world experience is the most effective approach to expand your portfolio.


Learn more technical skills – While returning to school for a four-year degree may not be an option, some type of education and skills can go a long way. Speak with others in the industry to determine which courses or programs will be most beneficial. Some excellent courses are available online. If programming is more your thing, the first thing you should learn is HTML and possibly some JavaScript.

Singapore Coding Club is an excellent places to start. Get in touch with them and ask for dialogue with one of their tech instructors. Their tech instructors are available for online zoom consultations for free.


Consider startups – When it comes to regular job requirements, entrepreneurs generally go against the grain. These companies are more concerned with training and candidate potential than with rigid academic credentials. They are looking for well-rounded individuals to assist them advance to the next level. Having marketable abilities in addition to some background in technology may be the exact combination of elements that these companies search for in a candidate.


Find a mentorship – Working with someone who is knowledgeable in technology is a terrific method to improve your skills. Get first-hand information from a reputable and knowledgeable industry professional. People are willing to assist people who are willing to assist themselves. Find someone from whom you can learn, as well as someone from whom you can learn. Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship.


Immersion – There is no way around hard labor while learning a new skill or trade. Immerse yourself in the sector by networking with others who share your interests, attending a technological conference, and reading as much as you can on the subject.


Break into the tech business in Singapore with little to no experience.