Games vs Study – School Holiday Activities in Singapore

You’ll probably worry about how to keep your kid occupied when the school break comes. Should you enroll them in additional tuition programs, enrichment activities, and school-break workshops in Singapore, or should you keep things light-hearted the entire time? What if we told you that your kid will probably benefit from all of these in […]

Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency

Developing reading fluency might be difficult for many beginning readers. Reading aloud with correctness, intonation, and a smooth speed is referred to as fluency. Although reading fluency only becomes more crucial as children age, it is never too early to get your child ready for success in reading. Your child can benefit greatly from having […]

Encourage Sharing From The Early Years

It is critical to instill the value of sharing in children while they are young. Sharing is not only a nice and kind act, but it also helps to create compassion and relationships from a young age. When your child begins to share with others, he or she learns to cooperate, compromise, and consider others’ […]

Signs Of Unhappiness Among Kids


Life is full of ups and downs, especially for young children who lack the ability to deal with strong emotions. Preschoolers are frequently unable to express their feelings, and parents may be unaware of the true cause of their children’s behavior. Kids may be unhappy at school for a variety of reasons, ranging from little […]

Having trouble deciding on a future career? Here’re a few tips!

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Are you someone who knows what they want to study in the future but isn’t sure if it’ll be a good fit for you? Everyone, I’m sure, has different aspirations for the future. Some people aspire to work as programmers, dancers, vocalists, biologists, physicians, teachers, nurses, artists, and singers, among other professions. If you only […]

The Most Appropriate Secondary School For Your Child

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If you are one of these PSLE parents, you will have little time to recover your breath before moving on to the next step in your child’s education: selecting the secondary school that is most suited for him or her. On the same day that the results are revealed, the S1 Internet System (S1-IS), which […]

5 Benefits Through Traveling The World


When you become a parent, traveling takes on a whole new meaning. A vacation before your child could have meant lounging on a beach in Bali or painting the town red in Paris. Priorities shift when children are involved. Parents frequently choose excursions that are less physically demanding and more child-focused. This involves selecting sites […]

Career Goals: Setting Young Adults

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To begin with, students in secondary and higher education will face important decisions that will affect the rest of their studies and beyond. This is a critical moment of life when smart and intentional career preparation might mean the difference between a successful start and a false start in the years ahead. But what does […]

What is Space Technology?

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Have you ever had the feeling that staring at a star-studded sky will solve all of your problems? I do, without a doubt. The universe is full of wonders, and mankind has been progressing at a breakneck pace, just fast enough to clasp the observable universe in its arms, don’t you think? There was a […]

9 Ways to Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

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A good educator recognizes a child’s uniqueness. They understand that not every child learns at the same rate, or takes in information in a variety of ways. That’s why some children learn more efficiently through hands-on activities while others learn faster when they read. Some people are excellent listeners, while others are better writers. Understanding […]