This Classic Minecraft Adventure Mod is Out of This World!

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The Aether was launched on July 22nd, 2011 and is one of, if not the largest, Minecraft mods ever made.

The Aether world, which is the polar opposite of The Nether, contains various new blocks, creatures, and objects, as well as a whole new accessory system.

A complete version history may be found here, as well as a list of known bugs.

What is the Aether?

The Aether is the polar opposite of The Nether, with the Aether consisting of big solid areas in empty space and The Nether consisting of large solid areas in empty space.

Large floating islands and Aercloud formations, which are solid cloud-like blocks, are the prominent features.

In the Aether, there are many new mobs, items, and blocks, such Aerwhales and Cockatrices, some of which are completely distinct from those in the Overworld, but few of which are identical to those in the Overworld.

To access the Aether, construct an Aether Portal out of Glowstone and fill one of the upper corners with water using a water bucket.

A portal will spawn in a randomly created Aether when the player steps through the portal for the first time.

How is the Gameplay?

Gathering and mining blocks of the Aether with normal Overworld tools is incredibly inefficient, therefore harvesting skyroot logs with your hands would be faster than using diamond equipment.

Because normal torches and flames cannot be used in the Aether due to the low oxygen level[1], the player must rely solely on Aether-made items and tools.

When a player falls from an island, they will leave the Aether and be spawned high above their original portal in the Overworld, where they will fall straight down, hence it is recommended that they place water surrounding their portal or they will die from fall damage.

Falling from the Aether can also be avoided by equipping Aether goods and creatures that prevent the player from taking fall damage.

The Aether, like The Nether, can be used to travel quickly through the Overworld.

Dungeons of various difficulty can be found during a player’s journeys.

Bronze Dungeons, Silver Dungeons, and Gold Dungeons are the three varieties of dungeons, and each will contain riches and accessories that the player has never seen before.

Obtaining these things, however, will be difficult due to the presence of extremely powerful boss mobs guarding their loot, some of which are invulnerable to a sword alone!

There are now a plethora of new armours, weapons, and accessories to choose from.


Awesome Dungeons You Can Find

In the Aether, dungeons are far more sophisticated than in the real world.

Each one will feature a boss that must be vanquished in order to obtain the Key needed to access the Treasure Chest in the dungeon boss area. The blocks that make up the dungeon’s main structure can’t be destroyed or obtained until the dungeon’s boss is defeated.

Bronze Dungeon

The entrances to Bronze Dungeons are on the sides of typical islands.

The amount of rooms in a bronze dungeon might vary. Non-boss areas occasionally have chests on 4×4 tables and sentries that attack the player. However, some of these chests are Mimics. This dungeon’s boss cannot be assaulted with a sword. He can, however, be hurt by any tool (pickaxe, shovel, etc.). Each antechamber’s floor has 9 bricks that aren’t mineable at all. The walls of the boss room can only be mined after the boss has died.

Silver Dungeon

Silver Dungeons are found within sky-based structures that resemble a Parthenon.

These normally have three stories, each with many rooms. The majority of the chests in the rooms are phony (Mimics), however some of them hold items. Valkyries live in Silver Dungeons and only attack when the player attacks them. Valkyries will still appear on Peaceful, but will teleport away if the player tries to attack them. A single Victory Medal is awarded for killing a Valkyrie. The sole way to assault the boss of this dungeon is to present it with 10 Victory Medals, which you may accomplish by right-clicking on it with the Victory Medals in your hand. Any weapon can be used to combat the Silver Dungeon boss.

Gold Dungeon

Gold Dungeons are hidden beneath spherical islands with a dense canopy of Golden Oak trees.

The boss chamber is usually the only room in this dungeon, with no treasure or mob rooms preceding it. The Sun Spirit cannot be killed by attacking it directly; instead, it must be killed by repeatedly striking it with the white object he throws back at it.

It sends forth a miniature replica of itself to assault the player every time it is hit with the white object. The sun will set in the Aether whenever the player kills the Sun Spirit.The sun will never set before the player destroys the Sun Spirit. The player’s spawnpoint will be reset over lava if they fail to kill the Sun Spirit, forcing them to destroy the map.


The attack patterns and movements of boss mobs are more sophisticated.

They also have a lot of health and may necessitate the use of special weapons to kill them.

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