2D Animation

Bring your characters to life with animation via Adobe After Effects/Animate.


This course serves as an introduction to animation and can teach students who are beginners or advanced students who want to improve their skills. 

Students will learn how to create characters using fundamental drawing skills and animate them using Adobe After Effects and/or Adobe Animate.

This course is perfect for students who enjoy drawing and creating their own characters, or who are fans of comics, cartoons, anime and want to create a compelling story and animation. 

This course is also suitable for students who are interested in game design and want to create and give life to their own animated characters for use in video games.

Although this course is targeted for 2D animation, message us if you are instead interested in 3D animation, as 3D animation uses different software and skill sets.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, students will learn: 

  • The basics of Adobe After Effects or Animate
  • Fundamental drawing and animation techniques
  • How to create a hand-drawn animation
  • Basics about manipulating timeframes and tweening 
  • The 12 principles of animation that were created by Disney animators that are still used today.


 Suitable For Students Who Are:

  • Ages 9 – 18
  • Interested in graphic design or animation

About Adobe After Effects

Although originally made to add effects to videos, Adobe After Effects has also been used by many studios to animate characters, objects, SFX and more.

About Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is a software package that specializes in animation first and foremost. Although other Adobe packages offer the creator to add animation, Adobe Animate is the only one that really gives the user tools to bring your drawings to life like a real animator.


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Feeling lost?

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