Exams and Their Value

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There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks regarding the disadvantages of tests. The high-stakes PSLE tests, in particular. In this piece, we discuss our perspectives on this contentious issue.


1. The Disadvantages

Exams can be especially harmful when: –

  • a) They do not put what is learned in school to the test.
  • b) They’re seen to be a good indication of a person’s self-esteem and worth.
  • c) They become the exclusive focus of research.
  • d) They foster and encourage pride and privilege.


2. The Advantages

Exams have been utilized as a significant assessment tool in all parts of the world for centuries. Exams have the ability to revolutionize society if they are well controlled. Aside from allowing educators to assess whether or not students are learning well, they can also empower pupils by instilling particular ideals in them. Some of these values are discussed below: –


A decent education entails more than just passing exams; our children will face various tests throughout their lives. Exams are beneficial because they are unbiased. Exams eliminate human prejudice, allowing everyone to compete on an equal footing. Accepting tests as a part of life teaches pupils that we must often accept things we do not like in life.

Perseverance and discipline

Exams assist to instill discipline and tenacity in students. They also inculcate in kids the importance of dedication, planning, and time management.

Recovering from a setback

When students perform poorly on exams, they might learn to think and consider how they can improve in the future. If kids can see the value in ‘failure’ rather than the bad and adopt a ‘I can do’ mentality, they will go far in life. The goal is for the student to learn to objectively ‘see’ himself or herself and not let disappointments eat away at his or her self-esteem. Students can gain abilities that transcend beyond the exam if parents and teachers can provide support when students are disappointed with their results. The idea is to encourage youngsters to look at the overall picture and to place a greater emphasis on effort and honest self-reflection than on individual accomplishments.


3. Maintaining Balance

Exams serve an important purpose in education, but using them to assess pupils’ long-term potential is unnecessarily rigorous. Dismissing exams as a good assessment tool, on the other hand, might be harmful if teachers find too late that some children needed earlier intervention.