Four reasons why you can’t concentrate in your online classes

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I know how difficult it is to get out of bed and have to attend online lessons. I’ve always thought of my house as a secure haven where I can unwind. It’s not a conducive environment for me to be productive. As a result, I can’t focus a lot of the time, but I’ve learned to deal with it before it gets out of hand. If you’re having the same problem as me, keep reading to learn how I overcame it. Let’s start with one reason you might find it difficult to concentrate in online lectures.


1. You skipped breakfast or sleep

You’ll feel weak if you don’t have breakfast, and you’ll be unable to concentrate in class, even if you’re just lying in bed. After all, it takes a lot of energy to stay up!

If you make breakfast a routine, you’ll probably feel better. Start with something simple, such as a sandwich. It might be beneficial to eat something you enjoy. So make a point of getting up a little earlier to eat a favorite breakfast meal, such as scrambled eggs or French toast.

While I made an effort not to skip breakfast, I was severely sleep-deprived on days when there were lessons. I slept in late and was weary when I awoke. I realized it was harming my ability to concentrate in class, so I started going to bed earlier on days when I had classes.

Before going to bed, I would also consider performing some more soothing activities that do not involve phones or computers. Technology is said to excite the brain[i], therefore utilizing these devices will make falling asleep more difficult.


2. Your laptop or phone is distracting you

During a lesson, how many tabs do you have open on your computer? “Only as many as you require,” is the correct response. You’d be wasting your time if you went any further. It can also be tempting to text your pals or play video games on your phone, especially if you don’t have to turn on your camera.

I’m not immune to the enticement. To combat this, I set my phone to do not disturb mode, which prevents my phone from vibrating when I receive a notification. This enables me to concentrate in class.

It would also assist if you put the lecture in full-screen mode so you don’t get distracted by other tabs. But I believe that turning on your webcam and actively participating in the class by asking questions would be the most beneficial. It’s a good approach to keep oneself in check to know that other people can see what you’re doing.


3. You’re anxious about other things

It’s natural to wake up and think about all that needs to be done that day. When I wake up in the morning with a head full of anxieties, I start making to-do lists. I take a while to settle down, and I may be agitated even while attending the lecture. If you’re an anxious person, I recommend getting up a little early to set yourself up for success.

We tend to stress over things like relationship troubles, money issues, and family issues in addition to the ordinary stresses of life. While it may be difficult to instantly disconnect and disengage from such emotional entanglements, controlling your emotions and remaining focused is a crucial element of self-management.

You can use grounding techniques to help you focus during online lessons if you’re having trouble concentrating due to stress or anxieties. There’s also the 5-4-3-2-1 approach, which involves naming five things you hear, four things you see, three things you can touch, two things you can smell, and one item you can taste.


4. You’ve lost your motivation

Perhaps you’re simply unmotivated to study this course, or perhaps just this particular class. Because no one can be motivated all of the time, my advice is to practice self-discipline. It might help if you reflect back to why you decided to take the course in the first place or consider the benefits of this particular subject in your future profession.

However, it’s possible that a closer examination of your intentions is warranted. One of my classmates suddenly realized that she didn’t enjoy her Business degree, despite the fact that she had been working on it since she was in polytechnic. She realized that a degree in Mass Communication would be a better fit for her and is currently deciding whether to change her major or pursue a double degree.

While you may not be considering such a major change, it is still necessary to examine yourself and determine what you actually want from your course and university experience. It will assist you in making the most of the remainder of your university years.



It’s difficult enough to concentrate in class. Another challenge is focusing on an online class where no one would catch you discreetly using your phone. The key is to recall why you set up camp to climb the mountain and double-check that you’re well-prepared for the endeavor. That requires understanding your reasons and following a strict no-distractions rule!