Games vs Study – School Holiday Activities in Singapore


You’ll probably worry about how to keep your kid occupied when the school break comes. Should you enroll them in additional tuition programs, enrichment activities, and school-break workshops in Singapore, or should you keep things light-hearted the entire time? What if we told you that your kid will probably benefit from all of these in a holistic way? Of course, the summer break provides a break from the grind of the academic year, and your youngster deserves some downtime before the new semester begins. Keeping their minds engaged will also prevent them from feeling “rusty” when they return to school. A healthy mix of play and learning keeps your youngster actively engaged in learning. Since both games and study have many advantages, no one is superior to the other.


Advantages of gaming during school breaks


1. Increase your mental or physical acuity

Games are undoubtedly entertaining, but they also give kids the chance to learn. Bring out a game of Jenga and encourage your kid to use strategy. They will get the ability to critically assess the situation before them and push or pull a block in a way that keeps the tower from collapsing. Such mental stimulation and encouragement to think creatively, which is a talent essential for the future, are facilitated by problem-solving abilities. Scrabble and Mastermind are both excellent substitutes. You might also think about having your kid participate in sports, such as basketball or football, where they can practice good teamwork and communication under pressure. Any kid who plans to attend school has to be able to collaborate with others and have interpersonal communication skills.

2. Examine fresh concepts and experiences

Naturally, your kid will be exposed to new concepts and experiences when you introduce them to a new game. It’s possible that they picked up this word from the Scrabble board. In other cases, a disagreement between teammates on the court can instruct your youngster on how to settle disagreements and cooperate to achieve a common objective. Your youngster develops leadership qualities when they learn how to resolve conflicts.

3. Increase the chances for family time.

The summer break is the ideal time for family reunions. Consider taking your kid to the neighborhood playground in the evenings, going biking, or taking part in Singapore’s recreational activities like paddle boarding or obstacle courses. Setting aside a few days throughout the holidays is the ideal way to spend this priceless time with your kid.

Advantages of studying over the summer


1. Go over and catch up

The break from school is also an excellent opportunity for your kid to review the material they learned during the previous term and catch up on what they missed. The holidays provide kids with an excellent opportunity to practice and get caught up if they fall behind in any subject. Your youngster can gain from investigating activities that promote enhanced comprehension and memory. To test your kid’s retention of the multiplication table, you may, for example, design a fun maths quiz. Your kid can practice their creative writing abilities using the vocabulary they learned in the previous term by participating in a peer writing exercise with prompts.

2. Keep the brain’s muscles engaged

Children use their brains at school; if this ceases during the holidays, it may be challenging for them to pick up where they left off when the new term begins. Studying over the holidays keeps their skills current. Planning activities is not necessary; simply encouraging them to read about things that interest them will be enough to keep their minds active.

3. Get them ready for a new term.

If your kid struggles to understand concepts, getting them ready before they return to school can be helpful. Plan some lessons or activities around the future subjects that will be covered in the curriculum by reviewing them. The goal is not to overwhelm students, but to provide them with a solid foundation and history so they can keep up with the classroom’s pace.


It need not be a chore to study throughout the summer. You can make sure your youngster has a rewarding break by incorporating it with lots of play. Our school holiday programs at Singapore Coding Club are perfect for revising their competencies and introducing them to new abilities. These kid-friendly enrichment programs, which range from performing arts boot camps to writing and reading workshops, are made to balance learning and play for a well-rounded education. To discover more about our school holiday workshops in 2022, why not schedule a tour of our facility?