How Artistic Are You


I’ve always thought of artists as superior to us, and I appreciate their crazy installations, sculptures, movies, and the shapes they create to help us understand the world—or at the very least, to see it from their perspective, which is ultimately a better perspective. I have been to exhibitions, art events, and galleries all over the world that promote art and consider ways to support the artists financially. I believe I was the only person who had Wikiart downloaded on their phone when Wikipedia designed the website. Since there are many more artists than the 200 most well-known ones that Wikiart lists, I envisaged a directory of all artists in the world.


Artists experience different kinds of “Feelings,” they view the world differently, and they recognize the “GOOD” in everything, even in the little things that we don’t even notice in our daily lives. The artists give us a new “Outlook on the world,” and they help us perceive things from unique angles. We, the general population, go about our daily lives not appreciating the beauty of the world around us until an artist comes along, takes a unique perspective, and paints a canvas. When we look at that, our lives are changed because the colors change our moods and arouse various emotions.


Artists, in a strange way, read our minds, they are the magicians who can make us smile, and sometimes they are the reasons we travel great distances to visit museums in order to see what these artists have prepared for us to feast our eyes on.


Painters have the ability to extrapolate their ideas to the outside world. For example, writers of stories or novels must write numerous paragraphs to tell us the story; however, artists can accomplish this with only a splash, a few brushstrokes, or a simple hand gesture. What a story that is when you look at that artwork. I once saw a sculpture in Cork, Ireland, where the Titanic had berthed, and the expression in the woman’s eyes said it all. It conveyed the tale of families who wanted to leave for a better life and described the suffering that the people had to through before deciding to leave.


The art instructor must be an artist because without that perspective, how can she or he teach the kids the techniques, in my opinion. Teaching art can be a demanding vocation. additionally, transform their ideas into a work of art. Many students who wanted to study art have come to me throughout my 15 years of teaching, and I can attest that it was one of the hardest majors to get into. The requirements are challenging since the student was required to consider carefully the artwork to include in their portfolio—a skill that, regrettably, is not taught in our institutions.


The other teachers in our schools have taken away the art class because they believe it is unnecessary while it has the power to transform students into better human beings. Did you know that STEAM (the A is for Art) had replaced STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) since the world had understood its importance on par with the other majors? I encourage everyone who enjoys painting, sculpting, or molding to get creative and let their work impact the world.