Improve Your Child’s Concentration


Many parents in Singapore expect that their children will be ready to handle the ups and downs of formal education by the time they start primary school. But starting school is just the beginning of a long trip; along the way, your child will likely encounter many challenges and disappointments that could confound them. Struggling to focus or concentrate when studying or completing homework is one of the most frequent difficulties kids have. While some children grow out of this phase on their own, others may go through a lengthy period of disruption, which can impair their quality of life. Enrichment programs are one approach to make up for whatever content information your child may have missed if they are having trouble focusing in class. By introducing kids to active learning techniques that can enhance their ability to concentrate and focus, a strong enrichment program will also be able to support their development on the academic and personal fronts.

Why do kids find it difficult to focus in class?

A child’s ability to focus and concentrate on a task can have an impact on areas of their life outside of the classroom as well. For instance, it could be challenging for them to develop and maintain friendships, or they might have behavioral issues when they become upset and lose focus on a task. Poor attention or inability to concentrate has a variety of underlying causes, including:

  1. Stress or anxiety
  2. Environmental or external distractions (e.g. cellphones, video games)
  3. Lifestyle (e.g. eating or sleeping habits)
  4. Boredom
  5. Physiological or genetic variables


The best way to encourage your child to study may depend on a variety of elements that interact with one another for each particular youngster. The good news is that, like any other talent, attention and concentration can be developed with practice. Active learning techniques, such as active recall or brainstorming, which make learning entertaining and participatory, are one method to engage kids who struggle with concentration. Active learning presents a challenge to the student to use what they have learned in a meaningful way as opposed to mechanical memorization. As a result, learning becomes a more interesting process that taps into the learner’s own resiliency and commitment to achieving the intended learning outcome.


How SCC  helps your child focus and increase attention

At SCC, we think that teaching useful active learning techniques during our enrichment programs is essential for helping our students reach their full potential as thinkers and learners. To ensure a holistic learning experience, all of our programs are supported by the most recent research in the domains of education, psychology, neuroscience, and theatre. Our programs aim to establish a G00d mindset in young learners by encouraging them to learn from their failures and gain inner confidence. We do this by using pedagogical techniques. Due to the fact that your child will learn how to comprehend, memorize, recall, and synthesize knowledge and concepts, our integrated approach also aids in the development of abilities like impulse control and time management.

This helps kids understand and address a variety of circumstances in their daily life more effectively, in addition to helping them perform better on academic examinations. Our Primary Success Programme and PSLE -go one step further by utilizing our ground-breaking ways to aid in your child’s understanding of new ideas by connecting them to prior understanding. This improves their understanding of the subject matter and gives them useful revision and exam skills to keep them interested in what they are learning. To learn more about our many enrichment programs in Singapore, contact us for a free trial now!