Improve Your Continuous Writing


For good reason, continuous writing is a difficult section for many Singaporean students taking the English PSLE. It might be challenging to develop, let alone master, the creative writing abilities necessary for effective continuous writing in a short amount of time. In contrast to other disciplines where memory exercises can make a significant difference, students who use typical rote learning methods to strengthen recall skills before examinations may find that they don’t exactly work as well for their continuous writing paper. How can students, then, strengthen their composition writing abilities and succeed in their ongoing writing for the English PSLE? Three actions individuals can take right away to enhance their continuous writing are listed below:


1. Consistently read

Despite the cliche, reading frequently and broadly can really assist pupils to develop their ongoing writing skills. Regular reading can result in modest gains in vocabulary, syntax, sentence structure, and storytelling that can make a significant overall difference in your ability to write continuously. Reading introduces students to a variety of writing genres and techniques for expressing thoughts, emotions, actions, and dialogue – creative writing abilities that are essential for creating a compelling story for their ongoing writing assignment. Students can learn from and be inspired by great authors by constantly reading work that is superior to their own. They can then put what they have learned into practice to create a better essay for their English PSLE.

What’s best? It is really achievable! Simply choose an intriguing storybook, magazine, newspaper, or internet blog to get started. The key is consistency, which will eventually make a huge difference.


2. Create a word bank.

Making a word bank and adding to it every day is another easily startable habit that students can develop. Creative writing will be especially difficult for pupils with limited vocabulary, so having a personal word bank will help them increase their vocabulary and acquire confidence in their ability to write in both continuous and creative English. Students are encouraged to regularly examine prior knowledge and utilize new words to better integrate content in their ongoing writing by using a personal word bank. Students who regularly consult a word bank can also avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes and improve their comprehension of not only the English language but also other academic disciplines where terms that are often foreign are utilized. To some extent, students are encouraged to organize their personal word banks. This can be done through categories and context, or even through tiers selected based on how frequently words are used. Regular reading practice can help pupils fill out their word banks and develop a wider vocabulary that they may use in their Primary 6 English continuous writing paper to express themselves and make an impression.


3. Encourage and Develop Creativity

While traditional English enrichment programs can help students develop their technical writing skills, students need to spend a lot of time using their creativity in order to ace the continuous writing paper. Nobody enjoys monotonous writing, and it certainly doesn’t go over well with examiners when they have to fight sleep while reading an essay with continuous writing. Students are providing themselves with more opportunities and methods to explore and express ideas, opinions, ideologies, and characters in their continuous writing papers by broadening and activating their creative minds. This enables the creation of more intriguing narratives that are presented in even more intriguing ways. While perfect grammar and sentence structure might help students score some marks, exceptional writing and an interesting narrative set them apart from the average student. Thus, it is important for students to regularly exercise and develop their creative ideas through autonomous work, imaginative play, writing about their hobbies, and generally finding inspiration in the ordinary.


Gain Expertise 

To start developing your home writing skills, these three things are excellent starting points. While it is true that practice makes perfect, doing the right thing incorrectly might cause students to fall more behind than they were before. When necessary, parents or teachers should be consulted to make sure that these behaviors are being followed correctly. Additionally, for the best outcomes, these habits should be practiced in conjunction with a demanding curriculum that is shown to be effective, like the enrichment programs offered by SCC.