Introduction to Android (Study Notes)

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This is a Basic Introduction to what Android is and why it is used.

Why is App Development Important?
Because mobile apps are beating out web apps

Apps are continuing to grow at a very fast pace

Everyone has a phone, everyone can use it

What is Android?

It’s a free-to-use open-source OS (operating system) developed by Google.

It powers Mobile Phones, Tablets, TVs, Watches, etc.

Runs 100 Million (100,000,000) smartphones in 190+ countries!!!

Google Play Store (official Android App Store) has more than 3 Million officially supported apps

Why Android?

It powers nearly 90% of IoT (internet of things) devices. For example, Smart Lights, Smart Thermostats, and Smart Fridges

It is free to use and open-source

What do all Android devices share?

All Android devices have 2 features:

Hardware: The physical stuff (ie. Battery, Screen, Processor)

Software (Android OS): “Brain of Operations”, controls the device and runs apps

Why do companies like Android?

Since its open-source, hardware manufacturers can use it with their proprietary (Privately Owned) hardware to make awesome things! They can mess around with the android source code to better integrate it with their devices. Say add in the wireless charging or face unlock without having to rewrite and create a new OS. So all devices may look different, but they can still use Android.

Fun Fact: Haptic Feed Back → Means Vibration feedback

What are the basic parts of Android OS?

  1. Home Screen
  2. Soft Keyboard
  3. App Drawer
  4. Notification Bar
  5. The 3 Utility Buttons
    • Home Button
    • Back Button
    • App Manager Button

Fun Fact: You can take a screenshot with Android by holding down the Home button + Power Button

What can Apps do?

They can have their own look and feel.

They can use the device’s sensors (ie. Accelerometer, Light sensor, Mic)