Introduction to Data Science (Study Notes)

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Data science is a field that has raised its awareness rapidly for the past few years that attracts millions of new inquirers. The author of this blog has also started challenging this new field through the help of codecademy, and this blog will share the learning experience on the codeacademy by showing some things the author of this blog has learned on codeacademy.


As an introduction t0 the data science course, codecademy provided an insight on what a daily life of a data scientist looks like, which also explained how data science is applied in real life:

  • Using SQL (Structured Query Language) to perform basic queries, and use python for more complex analysis
  • Using Pandas, a powerful sets of commands in python that can perform functions SQLs can do
  • Performing A/B testing to calculate the significance of the change between two test cases
  • Using Jupyter Notebook, an online open source web application where data scientists can share documents that have live code integrated within them


Although the specifics of codes shown in the lesson has not been explained thoroughly in the introduction course, these will definitely be covered in the later chapter. The next lessons will be the basics of Python that is necessary for analyzing data with Python.


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