Improve Your Continuous Writing

For good reason, continuous writing is a difficult section for many Singaporean students taking the English PSLE. It might be challenging to develop, let alone master, the creative writing abilities necessary for effective continuous writing in a short amount of time. In contrast to other disciplines where memory exercises can make a significant difference, students who use typical rote learning methods to strengthen recall skills before examinations may find that they don’t exactly work as well for their continuous writing paper. How can students, then, strengthen their composition writing abilities and succeed in their ongoing writing for the English PSLE? Three actions individuals can take right away to enhance their […]

How To: Study For An Exam

I won’t say that I was a nerd and knew the answer to every exam question, but I can state with certainty that I tried to figure out every one of the questions I was given. However, there was a time when a single question on a test confused every student, myself included. I really enjoyed the subject and the two professors who taught it. No one had cautioned me to review the tests they had given in previous years since I thought the subject would be simple, so I concentrated on all the other papers but this one. Well, I must admit that the exam paper was a novel—a […]

Personalize Your Profiles on SLS!

  Change up your facial expressions, eyewear, or costume, and just “be yourself”! Students can now choose from pre-designed layouts or create their own on the MOE learning portal Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) to personalize their accounts. Users can alter the expressions, accessories, costumes, and colors of 24 student-designed Avatar templates with approximately 12 million different permutations, or they can simply mix and match different components to make their own versions. For the SLS Avatar Design Competition last year, pupils from elementary, middle, and high schools as well as junior colleges submitted their creations. Three themes—student, learning, and space—were the basis for the ideas they submitted. Let some of […]

Fun Home Writing Exercises

Writing helps to learn by processing information for long-term memory storage, according to research, and this processing enhances learning. Although writing typically centers around a specific theme, these abilities frequently go beyond the subject matter. This process aids in memory retention, the establishment of conceptual links, and novel information synthesis in both children and adults. Writing exercises can be quite beneficial, whether your goal is to assist your child to improve writing abilities or to just expose them to a larger variety of languages. It does not have to be monotonous as well. We’ll go through a few ideas for how you might set up enjoyable writing activities for your […]

Games vs Study – School Holiday Activities in Singapore

You’ll probably worry about how to keep your kid occupied when the school break comes. Should you enroll them in additional tuition programs, enrichment activities, and school-break workshops in Singapore, or should you keep things light-hearted the entire time? What if we told you that your kid will probably benefit from all of these in a holistic way? Of course, the summer break provides a break from the grind of the academic year, and your youngster deserves some downtime before the new semester begins. Keeping their minds engaged will also prevent them from feeling “rusty” when they return to school. A healthy mix of play and learning keeps your youngster […]

So, What’s All the Hype with Mechanical Keyboards?

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A keyboard is one of the most significant accessories you may own if you are a gamer, programmer, or simply someone who uses a computer. You’re pounding away on your keyboard when you’re not moving your mouse. The appropriate keyboard can make a difference in your gaming or work experience, and you should know that you also have options beyond the budget keyboards available at your neighborhood electronics store. We’ll go through “What is a Mechanical Keyboard?” and the advantages of mechanical keyboards over ordinary keyboards in this article. What is a Mechanical Keyboard? A mechanical keyboard has separate high-quality plastic switches below each keycap. Each time a key is […]

9 Reasons Why Programmers Should Learn to Cube!

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For some, solving a Rubik’s cube begins as a curiosity and evolves into a hobby. Nonetheless, it is a very relaxing exercise. Learning to solve a Rubik’s cube, on the other hand, needs a lot of patience and determination. It takes a lot of work, but the result is always worthwhile. Whether you enjoy speedcubing or solving puzzles, solving Rubik’s cube will undoubtedly benefit you. It also depends on the method you choose to get the intended objectives. 1. Strengthen your memory Are you using algorithms to solve the Rubik’s cube? Or are you paving the way for one-of-a-kind puzzle solutions? In any case, achieving the desired result in the […]

6 Types Of Classmates In Online Class

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During the epidemic, we’ve all had our fair share of online class encounters. Whether we’ve met new students electronically or caught up with old ones in person, we’ve almost certainly seen a different side of them. After all, we all have distinct habits and present ourselves in different ways online. So, let’s start with the first person you’ll probably meet in your online class.   1. The Shy Photographer The camera-averse classmate is the one who keeps their camera turned off at all times. They may turn it on when the professor demands it, or they may make excuses by claiming that they don’t have a webcam or that it […]

How To Get Your Child To Think About Work And Careers


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” an adult asks a precious and precocious child. This is a scenario you’ve most likely witnessed countless times, whether as a child or as a parent of small children today. The replies can range from the obvious (“doctor,” “lawyer”) to the adorable (“princess,” “ice-cream guy”), to the ludicrous (“dinosaur,” “Pokemon Master”), fantastic (“astronaut,” “professional wrestler”), or simply uninspired (“I don’t know”).   Whatever the case may be, getting children interested in careers beyond a surface level can be a difficult task. However, this does not imply that discussions about employment and careers should be limited to children who are older […]

5 Benefits Through Traveling The World


When you become a parent, traveling takes on a whole new meaning. A vacation before your child could have meant lounging on a beach in Bali or painting the town red in Paris. Priorities shift when children are involved. Parents frequently choose excursions that are less physically demanding and more child-focused. This involves selecting sites that can provide a fair amount of entertainment as well as instructional value.   The advantages of travel for children are numerous, as it provides various types of exposure for children of all ages. Traveling provides an incredible opportunity for children to develop critical developmental skills, widen their horizons, and encourage their sense of curiosity, […]