How Much Math Do You Need To Know To Be A Developer?

People who are considering careers in development frequently ask me the following: “I’m poor at arithmetic. Could I still work as a developer? Depending on the type of developer you want to be, the answer to that question will vary. It goes without saying that being comfortable with arithmetic and being knowledgeable in it will provide you with more options as a software developer. If math is one of your skills, you may often anticipate more freedom to explore math-intensive areas like game development or data science.   However, the ability to reason logically is the most crucial. Strong mathematics backgrounds help people excel in software development since they are […]

Singapore Encourages a Tech-Savvy Generation

  Singapore has one of the most developed ICT markets and among the most technologically advanced populations. It keeps looking at cutting-edge technologies that could benefit its digital economy, including as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud/quantum computing, data analytics, and others.   The nation has developed a top-tier, internationally competitive technology sector and promotes youth involvement in tech-related activities that may spark a lifelong interest in any technological program. In order to keep the kids entertained, GovTech Singapore has pushed several tech-related activities – wise use of their time and energy. Despite the fact that coding skills are in high demand right now, life is not all work and no play. […]

Language & Literacy Activities To Try At Home

It has been demonstrated that fostering early literacy and language development in your preschooler will provide them with the tools they need to be lifelong learners. Their ability to communicate, observe, and empathize with others will all be enhanced thanks to literacy and language, which have numerous positive effects on their personal development. You may provide your child with tools that will be useful once they start kindergarten or primary school by improving even their most fundamental literacy abilities. This will position them for future success in both the academic and non-academic worlds. Developing your child’s literacy and language skills can begin at home, and there are many chances for […]

How to Score Well for PSLE Science Papers

The PSLE Science Papers, which are particularly difficult for many students to pass, signal the end of the national exams for individuals who are not enrolled in Higher Mother Tongue programs. Rote memorization has become obsolete since “Creative Questions” and “Theoretical Study” were added to the curriculum in 2014. Though inefficient, this older learning method was once relied upon by many students to succeed in PSLE Science Papers. There are still ways to assist your kid is doing well on their PSLE Science Papers, though. We’ve highlighted four crucial areas for your kid to work on in order to improve their PSLE Science scores below:   1. Conceptualization The key […]

Singapore Employs AI to Combat Greenwashing

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has revealed the first application of NovA! to help financial institutions (FIs) gauge the long-term viability of the real estate sector. A joint effort between Singapore-based banks and regional FinTech companies, NovA! is an industry-wide AI platform for the development of financial risk analytics. NovA! will offer a useful tool to assist FIs in producing quick and useful insights using structured and unstructured datasets and cutting-edge computation. Sopnendu stated that by doing this, financial institutions will find it simpler to allocate cash to initiatives and ventures that meet sustainability performance objectives.   Making it simpler for FIs to assess how businesses influence the environment […]

Which Language Is Best for App Development?

There are several considerations to consider when you initially consider developing mobile applications. How should I learn to program in order to create apps? Should I focus on Android or iOS development? What distinguishes a native app from other kinds of apps? It may seem as though you have to choose a direction, choose which language is ideal for you to use while developing apps, and then hope you made the correct decision. Alternately, you can experiment with many mobile app programming languages at the novice level before deciding which language to master for app development.   Knowing your alternatives is the first step in any case! The three sorts […]

Encourage Sharing From The Early Years

It is critical to instill the value of sharing in children while they are young. Sharing is not only a nice and kind act, but it also helps to create compassion and relationships from a young age. When your child begins to share with others, he or she learns to cooperate, compromise, and consider others’ needs. Sharing isn’t always simple, especially for young children who are hesitant to give up their favorite things. So, how can you assist your child in learning to share?   To begin, children learn by example most of the time, and this is especially true when it comes to sharing. Siblings have been proven to […]

Plastic Trash To Fuel

Using pyrolysis, a high-temperature chemical process, scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have devised a new way of converting plastic waste into hydrogen. Plastic litter includes contaminated food packaging, styrofoam, and plastic bags, unlike PET plastic bottles, is difficult to recycle and is currently burnt or buried in landfills, causing both water and ground contamination.   Scientists at NTU have developed a new process for converting plastic waste into two major products: hydrogen and carbon nanotubes, a high-value material utilized in biomedical and industrial applications. Hydrogen can be used to generate electricity and power fuel cells such as those found in electric vehicles, with the only by-product being […]

Docker in 5 minutes

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Docker is a software platform for developing applications based on containers, which are small and lightweight execution environments that share the operating system kernel but execute in isolation. While containers have long been utilized in Linux and Unix systems, Docker, an open-source project established in 2013, made it easier than ever for developers to bundle their applications to “create once and run anywhere.” Docker started out as a platform as a service (PaaS) before switching in 2013 to focus on democratizing the underlying software containers its platform was running on. It was founded in 2008 by Solomon Hykes in Paris as DotCloud. Hykes originally demonstrated Docker at PyCon in March […]

Quantum Computing Explained in 3 Minutes

How To Get Your First Coding Job

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize the planet. It has the potential to revolutionize medicine, decryption, communications, and artificial intelligence. Quantum computers are being developed by companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Google. China has put billions of dollars into the project. Google recently claimed quantum supremacy, claiming that it was the first time a quantum computer surpassed a standard one. But, first and foremost, what is quantum computing? What’s more, how does it work? What is quantum computing, and how does it work? Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Bits are used in a typical computer chip. These are tiny switches that can be in either the off (expressed […]