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Learning Python is now a common pastime. Many of the most successful Internet businesses globally, including Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Lyft and Google, are all utilising Python. This is not a coincidence. New York Times, Bloomberg and even your bank are all using it.

Finding a meaningful job is easy with Python’s many options. There are a number of ways in which learning Python can help you land a job—like working as a Python developer—that aren’t as evident.

Did you know, for example, that some doctors use Python? As a Columbia University professor and author of Python for MBAs, Mattan Griffel recalls his own amazement when he learned that his friend, a neurologist, was using Python:

That a neuroscientist would be spending up to one-fifth of his work time on Python underscored how programming and coding can no longer be viewed as an obscure tool used by computer nerds.

If you want to advance your career in software development, learning Python is an excellent choice. Here are six jobs that are ideal for those who have a strong command of the Python language.


Become a Python Programmer

Becoming a Python developer is the most direct path for someone who is familiar with the Python programming language.

A Python developer should be able to:

  1. Create websites
  2. Data algorithms should be optimised.
  3. Solve data analytics issues
  4. Putting security and data protection in place
  5. Writing code that is reusable, testable, and efficient

A diverse range of Randstad-listed organisations is seeking Python developers. Learn Python today, and you could be working as a Python developer for a startup like Lyft or a giant corporation like ADP tomorrow.


Become a Product Development Manager

Product managers are in charge of researching new user features, identifying market gaps, and arguing why specific products should be produced. Because data is so important in their work, many firms are increasingly looking for product managers that are fluent in Python.

In his blog article “Growth Product Managers: You Should Learn to Code Python,” William Gill, Product Manager of Berlin startup FATMAP, argues that:

[Python] saves time by automating reporting and analysis, and it will make you a little less dependent on your data science team and a little more confident to go looking through your analytics data yourself.

If you enjoy interacting with customers and crunching numbers, becoming a product manager could be a good fit. Product Managers with Python abilities are in high demand at firms such as Snapchat and Crunchbase.


Become a Data Scientist

Is it appealing to you to discover meaning in enormous amounts of information? Many firms are seeking someone who can filter through enormous amounts of data, and one popular approach to do so is to use Python libraries like SciPy and Pandas.

Python is widely considered as a top programming language for machine learning, therefore it’s no surprise that firms such as Bloomberg and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are looking for Data Analysts with Python experience.


You Could Teach Python

Isn’t it true that someone has to teach Python? And not everyone learns in a month! (However, we would not argue against it.) Although becoming a computer science lecturer may be the first thought that comes to mind, it is not the only teaching position available to Python users. Almost every institution and coding bootcamp, as well as online coding coaching platforms like CodeMentor, are looking for Python teachers!


Become a Financial Consultant

“Forget Wall Street lingo. The language Citigroup Inc. wants its incoming investment bank analysts to know is Python”  — Bloomberg, 2018

Citigroup began teaching Python to their bank analysts in 2018. The objective is that knowing how to create computer code will save costs while increasing revenue for the bank.

Python has being taught to MBA students at business schools around the country in response. “Intro to Programming Using Python” is Columbia University Business School’s “most successful course launch in history,” according to Mattan Griffel. Hundreds of finance students have expressed an interest in learning Python.


Become a Data Journalist

Data journalism is a branch of journalism that employs data to convey stories.

Journalists that are fluent in Python are in high demand due to their ability to quickly sort through information. If you’re also a good writer, this could be the job for you.

One Month spoke with Amanda James, a data journalist at Law360.

I use Python to arrange, analyze, and visualize data. There are so many different software libraries to work with in Python, such as matplotlib to create charts, pandas to sort and filter data and search for trends, and BeautifulSoup for web scraping, I feel that knowing Python has given me a versatile skill set.

Amanda can use Python to answer queries such, “Which Supreme Court Justice is the funniest?” She did this by writing a Python script that counted how many times the word “laughing” appeared in Supreme Court oral arguments.

Despite the fact that the Justice responsible for the most “laughing” (Justice Breyer) did not necessarily have the greatest jokes, her piece at Law360 did offer the nerdiest perspective on the event when compared to other news outlets.


Last Thoughts

Python is no longer reserved just for computer programmers. We’ve seen a rise in demand for our Python course from financial analysts, entrepreneurs, sales, and marketing professionals at One Month. We’ve even had a couple of lawyers! Looking ahead, it’s evident that Python is here to stay.

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