Top 5 Games You Can Learn To Code: A blog about the top coding games you can learn to code.

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A favorite among many coders, CodinGame is a fun and interactive way to learn to code. You can play solo or with friends and choose from a list of over 30 video game challenges that you can solve using languages like C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. There are also competitions where you can earn cash (although the grand prize is only $1000). The more games you complete, the higher your score will be which makes it great for people who love to compete while they learn.

Ruby Warrior

For the gamer looking to learn Ruby, Ruby Warrior is a game that will teach you how to code. The entire premise of the game is building a character that can navigate a tower and defeat enemies by using Ruby code. You build your character by writing code in IRB (interactive ruby), which means you can see immediate results while you’re learning. The ability to test out your code in real-time without saving or compiling is what makes this game so popular among beginners.

As challenging as it may be at first, players can easily get the hang of Ruby Warrior after only 5 minutes of playing. It features 15 levels that build on top of one another, which means that you must complete one level before moving on to the next. Every level has different challenges and requirements, allowing players to practice their skills throughout the game. From learning about ruby syntax to mastering programming methods, Ruby Warrior does a remarkable job at getting people excited about coding with every level they complete!


Codewars is another multiplayer coding game designed to help you learn to program. It has a robust community of developers and players, so you can easily find someone to play against. You can also use the game to meet other developer friends who are around the same skill level as you.

Here’s how Codewars works:

You’ll choose from several challenges that range in difficulty. Within each challenge, there’s a series of tasks for you to complete, and each task has tests that will check your code for accuracy. If your code successfully passes all the tests, you’ll have completed the task! There are eight different programming languages on Codewars: Ruby, JavaScript, Coffeescript (a simplified version of JavaScript), Python, Java, C#/.NET, Haskell (a functional language), and Clojure (a dynamic language).


Screeps takes a different approach to the game-as-coding-learning-tool genre. It’s not about teaching you how to write code, but about giving you a way to apply your knowledge of code in real-time. While it is technically an MMO RTS sandbox game, Screeps’ unique feature is that you use actual code—JavaScript—to control your units and create automated activities for them. This means that even if you’re not an expert coder, you may still be able to get something out of the game by experimenting with what little coding knowledge you may have. You can play Screeps on its website or a server, and a basic account is free; however, if you want access to some extra features like map sharing and leaderboards, there is a monthly subscription fee available as well.


Untrusted is a multiplayer game, in which you have to complete levels by hacking JavaScript. It is a meta-JavaScript adventure game, for players who love JavaScript and want to become better at it.

The objective of the game is simple: You can play it in your browser, and you need to hack the level without getting caught. You can cheat in this game too, as long as you don’t get caught. Players are punished if they get caught cheating.

Games can be a fun way to learn how to code.

Games are fun. But did you know they can also be a great way to learn something new? Many people assume that learning to code is dull, and takes hours of tedious work before you achieve anything worthwhile. In reality, it doesn’t have to be this way! By using games to learn how to code, you can get your hands dirty through trial-and-error quickly, so that you’re less likely to lose interest or become discouraged.

For these games to be effective for learning how to code, they need a few key features:

  • The ability for players to write code (or pseudo-code)
  • A visual interface where players can see their code come alive in the game world
  • Challenges or levels that require the player’s help and creativity

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