Mental Health Awareness


Globally, the number of persons suffering from mental illness is rising. As a result, mental health disorders are increasingly being acknowledged more and more. The fourth most common cause of mortality for our 15 to 29 year old teenagers is suicide. Since this has become an urgent issue in recent years, numerous projects are being launched to raise people’s awareness of mental health issues.

Describe mental health.

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all included in our mental health. It is the way we feel, think, and behave. How well we can manage stress, relate to people, and make judgments and choices are all influenced by our mental health. Therefore, mental health issues are ailments that affect our emotions, our thought processes, and/or our behavior.?



Why should people be aware of mental health issues?

To assist the millions of people afflicted by mental health difficulties, mental health awareness is crucial. In addition to informing the public, mental health awareness also serves to encourage those who are struggling. The purpose of raising awareness of mental health is to let those who are struggling know they are not alone and that assistance is available. We can change society and provide people the opportunity to benefit from knowing about these widespread illnesses as long as we continue to raise awareness of them and provide support for those who need it.


Seven strategies to promote mental health awareness


1 – Attend events to raise awareness of mental health

Here are a few of the events you can start at in Singapore, where there are several mental health awareness campaigns.  If you reside elsewhere in the world, you may undoubtedly locate campaigns and events conveniently close to where you reside. May is Mental Health Awareness Month in America. Americans unite to raise awareness of mental health throughout the entire month of May each year. They work to eradicate stigma, offer assistance, and impart helpful information to the public.

2 – Recognize the symptoms and indicators of the various frequent mental health conditions.

Understanding a topic’s basic causes is the first step in creating awareness of it. Since mental illness can take many different forms, diagnosing it can be challenging. However, you can begin by taking note of the signs of the most prevalent mental disorder. Anxiety, eating disorders, depression, mood disorders, and schizophrenia are five of the most prevalent mental health illnesses that people suffer. You can start by being familiar with some of these mental diseases’ obvious symptoms and keeping an eye out for those nearby.


Create a safe environment and have open discussions about mental health.

Talking openly about mental health issues is one method to raise awareness of the issues. To keep the conversation continuing, impart your knowledge and information to those nearby. Make it safe for anyone, especially those you love, to talk about their challenges. Due to the ongoing shame and taboo surrounding this subject, people who battle with mental health concerns frequently keep these struggles to themselves. As a result, fostering a secure environment and being honest about mental health difficulties sends a message to individuals who are struggling to ask for help, knowing that it will be much appreciated.


Encourage polite language.

We frequently utilize delicate words and expressions that are open to misunderstanding. Even while you may think your jokes and humor are harmless, others may not agree. Speaking harshly can be upsetting and harmful to people with mental health issues. As a result, we should constantly be thoughtful and careful with our words to avoid hurting or causing fear in others.


5 – Develop attentive listening skills.

We are referring to two different kinds of hearing here. One is to pay attention to how others speak. Some people use humour to cover up their anguish because they have nowhere else to express it. Therefore, you might want to get in touch with that person privately and ask if everything is alright if you see that they are making jokes about their difficulties. Paying attention while someone is revealing their issues is the second sort of listening. Be purposeful in your listening, demonstrate your concern, and constantly reassure them of your support. It’s a sign of trust when someone confides in you. So, be there for them and present.


Utilize social media.

One of the factors contributing to the rise in cases of mental health conditions is social media. However, social media may also be used to spread knowledge and create awareness. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the social media channels that our kids utilise to connect with their friends and loved ones in the community and distribute educational information. As a result, some of them may benefit from the sharing of important information such as the symptoms, assistance line, and other articles connected to mental health difficulties. In social media, users can maintain their anonymity. Sharing this knowledge can therefore be very beneficial to individuals who are suffering in silence.

7 – Participate in mental health awareness events as a volunteer

You can opt to support society by volunteering in addition to campaigning for mental health by educating your social circle. If there are any future initiatives that may use some extra support, you can quickly locate mental health clinics online. Today, you can start raising awareness for mental health. Live your life be the change you want to see in the world.


Mental health awareness starts today with you. Be the change you wish to see in the world.