• This course serves as an introduction to podcasting and broadcasting
  • Students will learn how to record, edit and upload their voices for podcasts, broadcasting or voice overs.
  • Great for students who want to create a podcast or commentate, learn skills to become a better speaker and elevate your audio content

What is Adobe Audition?


Adobe Audition is software that allows the user to create and edit audio music production, video production or podcasting.

Kami menggunakan Zoom untuk kualiti persidangan video terbaik dan produktiviti pelajaran tertinggi untuk pelajar kami.

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Sesuai Untuk Pelajar Yang:

  • Ages 9 – 18
  • Interested in Audio Engineering or Broadcasting
  • Fans of audio shows and podcasts
  • Want to share their spoken opinions with others. 

Pada akhir kursus ini, pelajar akan belajar: 

  • The basics of Adobe Audition
  • Learn to record, edit and upload your audio content.
  • Techniques to make your podcast’s productions value high.
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