Programming with Node.js

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  • Node.js is a popular choice of startups and enterprises when building microservices and serverless architecture.
  • With early adopters such as LinkedIn, Paypal, and other tech companies, Node.js has seen an exponential increase in its usage in web development.
  • App development, game development, and product development can also be exciting career options for Node.js professionals.
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What is Node.js?

Node.js is officially supported on Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Server 2012. Many well-known companies use Node.js to power their backend apps. It’s fast, lightweight and significantly speeds up software development

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Sesuai Untuk Jurutera Muda Yang:

  • Umur 13-18
  • Those looking for a career in web development. 
  • Those that have intermediate experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript. 
Pada akhir kursus ini, pelajar akan belajar: 
  • Create scalable and lightweight web applications using Node.js
  • The coding principles behind practical web applications
  • Learn the use of technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and Express Framework (Express.js)
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