Introducing : Java (Study Notes)

Introducing : Java (Study Notes)

So, What’s Java? Java is another programming language. It was released by Sun Microsystems in 1995, and is currently still one of the widely used programming languages. It is known for being “Simple, portable, secure, and robust.” How’s it better than other languages? Every language has its own quirk. Java had a slogan, which was […]

3.What Will We Use for Development?(Study Notes)

3.What Will We Use for Development?(Study Notes)

What software is used to make Android apps? There is an entire suite of special software we can use to make android apps Like all other coding projects, we can use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to make it easier to make apps. The one used for android is called Android Studio and is maintained […]

Python Basics – Data Science (Study Notes )

On the previous blog, the author has explored the a day in the life of a data scientist, but from now on the code academy will be teaching the basics of python in order to be able to practically use python for data analysis. In the first lesson, the author has went through python concepts […]

How to get your app onto your phone? (Study Notes)

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If you want to run your app on an actual mobile device, you can follow the steps below. Of course, since we haven’t made anything yet there is nothing to try to send :(. So this is just an FYI of how you COULD do it. We will be tackling this later when we have […]

Introduction to Data Science (Study Notes)

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Data science is a field that has raised its awareness rapidly for the past few years that attracts millions of new inquirers. The author of this blog has also started challenging this new field through the help of codecademy, and this blog will share the learning experience on the codeacademy by showing some things the […]

Introduction to Android (Study Notes)

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This is a Basic Introduction to what Android is and why it is used. Why is App Development Important? Because mobile apps are beating out web apps Apps are continuing to grow at a very fast pace Everyone has a phone, everyone can use it What is Android? It’s a free-to-use open-source OS (operating system) […]

Cryptocurrency Mining

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What Is Cryptrocurency Mining? cryptographic money mining alludes to a technique for acquiring digital currencies as a prize for tackling complex numerical and computational issues. It’s feasible to acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and different kinds of digital currency by means of mining. Cryptographic money mining permits you to basically acquire coins for nothing, but there […]