Optimize Your Content Marketing


Finally, you’ve created a wonderful piece of content for your website. However, this is only the first step; you also need to think about how this particular subject will reach your target audience and generate more links. Following the “Publish” button on your WordPress, follow these 12 essential actions to maximize your content marketing.



1. Use appropriate keywords in your text.

Use pertinent keywords and incorporate them into your blog posts if you want them to perform well for SEO purposes. Start your keyword research to locate the terms or phrases that fit with your content in order to accomplish this goal. Use these keywords in the meta title, meta description, H1, first paragraph, and the outbound anchor text of your content. Only utilize your keywords once or twice, and make sure they flow naturally with your text.


2. Add a few internal links with your keyword list as the anchor text.

In order to accomplish this, go back and start connecting any old postings that are pertinent to your current material or article.


3. Syndicate content

Find websites that will publish your article again. The Business2Community, which will automatically receive content in your RSS feed, is a fantastic example. For this purpose, check out Buzzblogger as well.


4. Use social media to spread your posts.

Shared on social media, your material can also be optimized. Even if you are a novice in this field, my advice is to use Jetpack for WordPress or a tool like the Twitterfeed that can instantly syndicate every blog you post live on your social media accounts. If you prefer a more personalized approach, however, you can send out custom updates by either doing it manually or using the Bufferapp tool.


5. Put a link to the most recent blog article in your signature.

By looking up pertinent topics online and posting an engaging teaser that links back to your material, you may accomplish this successfully. Create a smart remark or ask a question on a LinkedIn group or Google community and link it to your post for research. By using all of your current relationships to promote your work, you may generate buzz in the community.


6. Publish on social media

Following publication, undertake social bookmarking on StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, and other websites. Additionally, you might find a comparable category on Pinterest and pin the content’s featured image there.


7. Adapt your content

If you run out of time, consider creating fresh subjects from your prior blogs and repurposing the content. This can be accomplished by creating an original presentation, creating a bulleted list of your material, and uploading it to Slideshare. Always keep in mind that originality is the key to making repurposing your old content.


8. Perform by leaving comments on other blogs

This method, if you haven’t used it, might do wonders for your content marketing campaign. Find blogs that are writing about subjects similar to the one you did. To appear as a legitimate commenter and avoid being labeled as “Spam,” make sure you only post informed or pertinent remarks that are pertinent to the issue.


9. Respond to inquiries from Twitter, Quora, and atc

To find out who is actively discussing your material on Twitter, use the hashtag search feature. Then, join the conversation by answering questions, expressing your opinions, or offering a key insight while linking to your post.


10. Use WiseStamp to promote your content

If you wish to include your most recent post in your email signature, WiseStamp is a reliable source. By making this effort, you can email your content to everyone with whom you are connected.


11. Add a blog summary to your email list.

Using a feedreader service, update your mailing list with your most recent blog entries. If you choose, you can also include them in your weekly newsletter.


12. Obtain the approval of other bloggers before sharing content.

This is a special technique to make the most of your content marketing campaign efforts. To increase your chances of ultimately reaching more potential customers, ask other bloggers if they will share your content with their existing audience. Your content marketing strategy doesn’t end with the creation of interesting content. You need to come up with strategies for how this particular blog, once it is posted, will have a chance to be read and spread in the neighborhood.


You want to be completely seen

Use your content to create the links you need instead of investing more time and money in your link-building strategy. Do you intend to use this strategy to market your blogs? Once you click “Publish,” share your opinions or any marketing tactics that have helped you achieve successful outcomes. You can increase your site’s ranking by following the advice in Optimize Your Content Marketing.