Nourishing Young Minds

It takes more than just paying attention in class, taking thorough notes, and studying diligently to do well in school. The number of sleep kids get, how they feel about learning, and even what they eat are just a few of the other variables that influence how well kids do in school. Did you realize […]

Sleep Habits For Student Success

Sleep patterns are crucial to learning. Sleep duration, according to studies, directly affects academic performance. Therefore, it is essential to make sure kids get a full night’s sleep. A restful night’s sleep is essential following a hard day of schoolwork!   Sleep Aids in Brain Development Up until the age of 21, a child’s brain […]

7 Key Steps To Get Your Child Reading

Do you worry that your kid isn’t reading as much as they ought to? Do they instead spend too much time on electronic devices? The following advice will help parents encourage their kids to start reading.   1) Read aloud to them The best method to develop a lifelong love of reading in your child […]

Fun Home Writing Exercises

Writing helps to learn by processing information for long-term memory storage, according to research, and this processing enhances learning. Although writing typically centers around a specific theme, these abilities frequently go beyond the subject matter. This process aids in memory retention, the establishment of conceptual links, and novel information synthesis in both children and adults. […]

Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Many parents in Singapore expect that their children will be ready to handle the ups and downs of formal education by the time they start primary school. But starting school is just the beginning of a long trip; along the way, your child will likely encounter many challenges and disappointments that could confound them. Struggling […]

Games vs Study – School Holiday Activities in Singapore

You’ll probably worry about how to keep your kid occupied when the school break comes. Should you enroll them in additional tuition programs, enrichment activities, and school-break workshops in Singapore, or should you keep things light-hearted the entire time? What if we told you that your kid will probably benefit from all of these in […]

Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency

Developing reading fluency might be difficult for many beginning readers. Reading aloud with correctness, intonation, and a smooth speed is referred to as fluency. Although reading fluency only becomes more crucial as children age, it is never too early to get your child ready for success in reading. Your child can benefit greatly from having […]

Encourage Sharing From The Early Years

It is critical to instill the value of sharing in children while they are young. Sharing is not only a nice and kind act, but it also helps to create compassion and relationships from a young age. When your child begins to share with others, he or she learns to cooperate, compromise, and consider others’ […]

Signs Of Unhappiness Among Kids


Life is full of ups and downs, especially for young children who lack the ability to deal with strong emotions. Preschoolers are frequently unable to express their feelings, and parents may be unaware of the true cause of their children’s behavior. Kids may be unhappy at school for a variety of reasons, ranging from little […]

Having trouble deciding on a future career? Here’re a few tips!

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Are you someone who knows what they want to study in the future but isn’t sure if it’ll be a good fit for you? Everyone, I’m sure, has different aspirations for the future. Some people aspire to work as programmers, dancers, vocalists, biologists, physicians, teachers, nurses, artists, and singers, among other professions. If you only […]