Python Basics – Data Science (Study Notes )

On the previous blog, the author has explored the a day in the life of a data scientist, but from now on the code academy will be teaching the basics of python in order to be able to practically use python for data analysis. In the first lesson, the author has went through python concepts such as comments, data types, and print function.


Exponents in Python. In Python, the exponents can be calculated using the * sign twice in a row. In the above image, the author of the blog was asked to calculate how many tiles are required in a quilt, which was done by exponent calculation. The result of the calculation wa then displayed to the console by using print() function.

String, one of the data type in Python. String is a data type that stores characters, which means it can contain information like words and characters. Here, the author of the blog is displaying the string “Marcus Chang” to the console as a string data.

The introduction to the python basics are really clear to follow as of now, and it really is interesting how these basics syntaxes will contribute to data analysis with python.