Cyber Safety

Singapore Ideal Hub for Tech Expansion

What is cyber security? Cyber security refers to the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Cyber security may also be referred to as information technology security. In other words, It is a safe and responsible use of internet so as to […]

Why take AP Computer Science A?

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CS Course Taking advanced placement (AP) computer science (CS) courses is frequently an effective method for high school students to challenge themselves academically, prepare for the rigours of college course work, and potentially receive college credit toward degrees in technical disciplines. Because there is a shortage of domestic talent in the fields of science, technology, […]

Should I enroll in AP Computer Science A or AP Computer Science Principles?

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The AP Computer Science Principles course was first offered by the College Board in 2016, and by 2019, over 100,000 teenagers had taken the exam. Female test-takers increased by 136 percent during that time period, demonstrating the course’s success. By 2020, 116,000 people will have taken the exam, up 21% from the previous year. Meanwhile, […]