Blockchain Research Centre

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has been selected by a foundation with the world’s greenest and safest blockchain ecosystem to house a new research and teaching centre geared at creating and improving blockchain technologies. “As a prominent university in the world with in-depth knowledge of computer science and associated subjects, we now seek to […]

Landmark Standard for AI Security

In response to the demand for protecting the integrity of AI programs and fostering confidence in AI solutions, a research team from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and experts in the AI sector have developed a new standard on AI security. “We seek to build trust in AI for AI practitioners by offering guidance on the […]

Singapore Enhances Measures Against Scams

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has been collaborating with the Singapore Police Force, governmental organizations, and business partners as part of the multifaceted effort to combat scams. There should be more than one line of defense, and IMDA is developing fresh strategies for safeguarding SMS communication. A trial SMS Sender ID Registry was introduced […]

Innovative Robotics Technologies

The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) recently established the Centre for Advanced Robotics Technology Innovation (CARTIN) with the aim of developing affordable, safe, and practical robotics technologies that will revitalize and rethink many industries in Singapore. The Center for Advanced Robotics Technology Innovation (CARTIN) has officially opened. According to Professor Subra Suresh, President of […]

Sustainable Urban Farming

The National University of Singapore (NUS) established the Research Centre on Sustainable Urban Farming (SUrF) to bring together the diverse expertise of principal investigators from across the University and develop new science and technology-based solutions for urban farming in the nation in response to the need for indoor urban farming solutions. “NUS is dedicated to […]

Cultural Heritage Walk Turns VR

360 students from 14 secondary schools took a virtual tour of Singapore’s culturally significant buildings in Bukit Pasoh and Chinatown, including the Masjid Jamae, the Sri Mariamman Temple, and the Siong Leng Musical Association, as part of this year’s Cultural Heritage Walk.”We have done this event five times, and this year is the first time […]

Singapore’s First Secure Quantum Network

A multinational team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and LMU Munich has successfully shown a unique type of quantum key distribution (QKD) that is secure even if the consumers are unaware of the underlying quantum hardware (LMU). The study paves the path for a more open and secure quantum internet. The […]

Innovations In Five Key Technological Domains

The public recently had the chance to see five key technology domain innovations launched by the agency in the areas of cryptography, cybersecurity, miniaturized radio frequency, and electronics, artificial intelligence/data analytics, and unmanned systems during the recently held Golden Jubilee celebration of the DSO National Laboratories (DSO) tag as the DSO50 Technology Showcase (TSC). It […]

AI-Powered PPE In Singapore General Hospital

A project team from the Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH) Nursing Division worked with a business that makes personal protective equipment (PPE) specifically for hospital use. The hands-free option makes use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically guide and verify compliance with SGH’s strict PPE protocol.   According to Ang Shin Yuh, […]

Manufacturing of Nanomaterials

The Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES) and Nanyang Technological University’s innovation and entrepreneurship company, dubbed NTUitive, are currently collaborating on the progress of nanomaterials. The technologies will be advanced in an automated production that follows Industry 4.0 principles. NTUitive is happy to launch this kind of academia-government relationship after 20 […]