IGCSE Past Papers

Are you preparing for your upcoming IGCSE tests? The most practical and efficient way to be ready for the IGCSE exams is to use IGCSE’s previous papers. Why is using IGCSE prior tests as practice for the exams so important and useful? The key reason behind this is that the structure and format of the […]

For Better Grades Next Year, Get Outside This Summer!

What link is there between learning outside in nature, improving academic performance, and receiving better grades? How well pupils learn in school is influenced by a variety of elements when it comes to increased learning. What we do in our free time—whether it’s using technology, exercising, or sleeping—can actually have a significant impact on how […]

Small Daily Practices To Boost Mental Health

The goal of mental health hygiene is to increase a person’s quality of life by promoting everyday healthy psychological habits. Studies demonstrate that spending just 10 minutes a day engaging in positive psychological behaviors can enhance general mental well-being and health. A cheerful, focused mind allows us to be more creative and productive. Although these […]

Improve Your Continuous Writing

For good reason, continuous writing is a difficult section for many Singaporean students taking the English PSLE. It might be challenging to develop, let alone master, the creative writing abilities necessary for effective continuous writing in a short amount of time. In contrast to other disciplines where memory exercises can make a significant difference, students […]

Time Management: Make The Most Of Dead Time

Few pupils completely understand the art of time management, as seen by the remainder of the class moaning that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But 24 hours is unquestionably enough time. Where does all that time go, and how can you manage your time more effectively so that you […]

Better Routines Lead To Better Grades

How do habits help students get better grades? We can all agree that routines play a significant role in daily life. Routines can impact everyone’s quality of life, regardless of age. A schedule offers structure and consistency for sleeping, eating, and leaving the house every day. Routines become a vital component of living in unpredictable […]

Mental Health Awareness

Globally, the number of persons suffering from mental illness is rising. As a result, mental health disorders are increasingly being acknowledged more and more. The fourth most common cause of mortality for our 15 to 29 year old teenagers is suicide. Since this has become an urgent issue in recent years, numerous projects are being […]

Thriving During the Pandemic

Since students have returned to school, parents and educators are using this time to reflect on the many months of online and hybrid learning in order to improve the environment in the classroom for everyone. While the vast majority of parents are overjoyed that their kids are back in school, some are still choosing to […]

Quizzes Help Students Learn Better

The study is finished! Exams boost students’ academic performance. Did you know that students score better on midterm and final examinations if you question them once a week? That’s accurate, kids who take quizzes typically perform better than those who don’t. In addition to receiving immediate teacher feedback, students benefit from weekly quizzes.   Not […]

Connection Between Nutrition And Learning

Most of us are aware of the benefits of healthy eating habits for our bodies. However, did you realize that learning and nutrition are related? Healthy food keeps the body functioning at its best for a variety of reasons, including immunity, lowering the risk of diseases, enhancing sleep, and taking care of our nervous systems. […]