What exactly is Jython?

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What exactly is Jython?

Jython is a Python implementation written in Java that combines expressive power and readability. Jython is free to use for both business and non-commercial purposes, and source code is released under the PSF License v2. Jython is an excellent complement to Java and is particularly well suited to the following tasks:

Embedded scripting – Java programmers can install the Jython libraries on their system to enable end users to write simple or complex scripts that extend the application’s functionality.
Experimentation with interactive interpreters – Jython has an interactive interpreter that may be used to interact with Java packages and running Java applications. This allows programmers to use Jython to experiment with and troubleshoot any Java system.
Python programs are often 2-10 times shorter than identical Java programs, allowing for faster application development. This immediately corresponds to higher programmer productivity. Python and Java work together seamlessly, allowing developers to freely mix the two languages during development and while deploying projects.

Jython is used by who?

Jython is used in a variety of projects. MVNRepository has a few.

IBM Jython can be used to give administrative scripting features in Websphere.
Use Jython to provide user-defined functions with Apache PIG.
Jython is used to provide programmed image processing in ImageJ.
GDA – Script scientific experiments with Jython.
Robot Framework – Robot Framework is a Jython-based test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD).
JEM/JythonMusic – An environment for music production and creative programming using Jython. TigerJython – An educational programming environment based on Jython.


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