Games vs Study – School Holiday Activities in Singapore

You’ll probably worry about how to keep your kid occupied when the school break comes. Should you enroll them in additional tuition programs, enrichment activities, and school-break workshops in Singapore, or should you keep things light-hearted the entire time? What if we told you that your kid will probably benefit from all of these in […]

So, What’s All the Hype with Mechanical Keyboards?

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A keyboard is one of the most significant accessories you may own if you are a gamer, programmer, or simply someone who uses a computer. You’re pounding away on your keyboard when you’re not moving your mouse. The appropriate keyboard can make a difference in your gaming or work experience, and you should know that […]

9 Reasons Why Programmers Should Learn to Cube!

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For some, solving a Rubik’s cube begins as a curiosity and evolves into a hobby. Nonetheless, it is a very relaxing exercise. Learning to solve a Rubik’s cube, on the other hand, needs a lot of patience and determination. It takes a lot of work, but the result is always worthwhile. Whether you enjoy speedcubing […]

6 Types Of Classmates In Online Class

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During the epidemic, we’ve all had our fair share of online class encounters. Whether we’ve met new students electronically or caught up with old ones in person, we’ve almost certainly seen a different side of them. After all, we all have distinct habits and present ourselves in different ways online. So, let’s start with the […]

How To Get Your Child To Think About Work And Careers


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” an adult asks a precious and precocious child. This is a scenario you’ve most likely witnessed countless times, whether as a child or as a parent of small children today. The replies can range from the obvious (“doctor,” “lawyer”) to the adorable (“princess,” “ice-cream guy”), […]

5 Benefits Through Traveling The World


When you become a parent, traveling takes on a whole new meaning. A vacation before your child could have meant lounging on a beach in Bali or painting the town red in Paris. Priorities shift when children are involved. Parents frequently choose excursions that are less physically demanding and more child-focused. This involves selecting sites […]

Effortless Ways to Improve Oral Language Skills


How can you give your child a leg up on the competition when it comes to literacy? Regular home-teachings where their preschool child is obliged to memorize the letters of the alphabet and lists of words are occasionally used by well-intentioned parents to give their preschool child a head start in their literacy education. While […]

Nine Things You Learn In University


Most students attend university to learn more about what they’re interested in, and many of them choose disciplines that will provide them with career or financial options. Universities, to be sure, offer us essential skills and provide us with a stepping stone into the workforce. What most working adults don’t admit is that what you […]



十二月和学校假期即将结束,父母和孩子越来越多地考虑即将到来的学年是很自然的。假期的结束有时会给孩子们带来矛盾的情绪,尤其是那些更有趣的低年级孩子。同时, […]

给孩子灌输成长心态的 5 个策略


中国有句谚语说:“不怕增长乏力;害怕静止不动。”您可能还熟悉一种更现代、更简洁的解释:“具有发展思维”,这是美国心理学家卡罗尔·德韦克在 2006 年创造的一个术语。来自中国古代民间智慧和 21 世纪学术研究的信息是 […]