The Benefits of Computer Science

Most of us begin learning a coding language—often HTML, CSS, or JavaScript—as soon as we decide to acquire new digital skills. The majority of self-directed learning options, including boot camps and online courses, tend to focus on teaching you particular programming languages and technologies. Learning computer science skills isn’t something you see all that often. […]

How To Turn Passion Into A Career

How To Turn Passion Into A Career

Figure out what you do well. The first thing you should do is figure out what you’re good at. If you have a special talent or skill, write it down. Ask friends and family members to tell you what they think your best qualities are. Think about the kinds of praise you have received in […]

How To Land A Coding Job In Singapore

Coding Job In Singapore

How to land a coding job in Singapore. There are A LOT of things you can do as a fresh graduate to land a gig in Singapore. And I’m pretty sure that most of us will expect similar salary packages – regardless if you are from say..France or USA or especially India perhaps? But is […]