How to Become a Game Developer in Singapore

how to become a game developer in singapore

How to Become a Game Developer in Singapore: Choose the programming language that you want to master. To become a game developer in Singapore, you will need to choose a programming language. There are many options out there and it can be overwhelming to pick one. However, you must find one that you’re passionate about […]

How to Make Your First Roblox Game!

How to Make Your First Roblox Game

  Roblox is more than just a game platform where you may play a range of different games. It allows you to make fantasy games for PC, Xbox, and mobile devices. Roblox allows you to build and play a wide range of games, including platformers, racing, and role-playing games, using the simple yet powerful Lua […]

How does video game industry make money?


Money in Gaming Industry Being beneficial is each organization’s objective and the computer game industry is no exemption. Notwithstanding, the manner by which the area creates incomes has changed throughout the most recent ten years. To start with, the method for selling games has radically changed in under 10 years. Without a doubt, retail went […]


game main

对于许多父母来说,电子游戏是一个敏感的话题,他们抱怨他们的孩子在这个“习惯”上花费了太多时间。这种批评更有可能出现在周末或学校假期,因为孩子们有更多的空闲时间。根据美国边缘云服务 2019 年的一项民意调查 […]

使用 Unity 进行游戏开发

Massively multiplayer environment

本课程为使用世界上使用最广泛的游戏创建平台 Unity 学习编程和游戏开发提供了一种直观和创新的方法。学生将学习如何编写简单的 C# 脚本来创建游戏玩法、机制、视觉效果、人工智能系统等。学生将利用游戏对象和模型来 […]

Roblox 的游戏开发基础

make a roblox wallpaper for full hd

本课程提供了一种适合儿童的、直观的、创新的方法,用于使用目前发展最快的游戏创作平台之一的 Roblox 来学习编程和游戏开发。学生将使用 Roblox 的内置编辑器和 Lua 代码来创建 3D 世界。学生还将研究是什么让 Roblox 游戏大受欢迎,并学习创建脚本 [...]

使用 Python 进行游戏开发

AI programming

This course teaches students how to make graphical computer games in the Python programming language using the Pygame library. Students learn and strengthen STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) skills through game development. Through experimentation with code, Students can understand simple methods and tools to create their ideas in today’s world.   The Differences Between […]