AI programming

本课程向学生教授使用 Python 的机器学习算法的来龙去脉。创建很酷的可视化来解释您使用自己的代码发现的数据。可以自动化数据处理、识别模式和提出建议的人工智能程序。构建您自己的应用内 AI 或程序。此外,适用于工作条目和大学申请。什么 […]

Programming with Node.js

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Node.js is a popular choice of startups and enterprises when building microservices and serverless architecture. With early adopters such as LinkedIn, Paypal, and other tech companies, Node.js has seen an exponential increase in its usage in web development. App development, game development, and product development can also be exciting career options for Node.js professionals. What […]

Programming with React


React is considered to be one of the most modern and one of the most powerful libraries in JavaScript. Used across websites such as Facebook and Instagram, it also provides some built-in support for data binding. One can find jobs that require building User Interfaces (UI) for mobile applications and for single-page applications. However, it’s […]

Having trouble deciding on a future career? Here’re a few tips!

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Are you someone who knows what they want to study in the future but isn’t sure if it’ll be a good fit for you? Everyone, I’m sure, has different aspirations for the future. Some people aspire to work as programmers, dancers, vocalists, biologists, physicians, teachers, nurses, artists, and singers, among other professions. If you only […]

Programming with PHP

AI programming

While HTML enables one to develop websites, using PHP will enable you to create dynamic pages.  In this course, learn to embed PHP code into a HTML page. It is estimated that 80% of all websites with a recognized server-side programming language use PHP. PHP can be easier to learn than other programming languages, thanks […]

Cryptocurrency Mining

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What Is Cryptrocurency Mining? cryptographic money mining alludes to a technique for acquiring digital currencies as a prize for tackling complex numerical and computational issues. It’s feasible to acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and different kinds of digital currency by means of mining. Cryptographic money mining permits you to basically acquire coins for nothing, but there […]



  “破碎机”,一个减少我们产生的垃圾所需空间的系统。学校的专业是机器人和工程。该专业课程于 2005 年开始,帮助学校识别和发展自己的优势和独特领域,并为学生提供发展各种 [...]


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AP计算机科学A考试是AP中最受欢迎的自学考试之一。尽管注册课程的学生人数众多,但该考试非常适合自学,因为它非常强调编码和高度具体的理论。喜欢创建代码并在 [...] 上表现出色的学生



AP计算机科学A考试是AP中最受欢迎的自学考试之一。尽管注册课程的学生人数众多,但该考试非常适合自学,因为它非常强调编码和高度具体的理论。喜欢创建代码并在 [...] 上表现出色的学生

PISA 冠军:为什么新加坡学生是世界上最好的?

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新加坡的学生在批判性思维方面表现出色。 2016 年,5,000 名新加坡学生的随机样本在英语、数学和科学方面的全球 PISA 排名中名列前茅。经合组织创建了 PISA 测试,每年进行 3 次。该调查包括来自世界各地的 60 多个国家。进行了测试 […]