2D Animation

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  • This course serves as an introduction to animation and can teach students who are beginners or advanced students who want to improve their skills
    Perfect for students who enjoy drawing and creating their own characters
  • 学生将学习如何使用基本的绘画技巧创作角色和动画
  • Great for students who want to become content creators to add digital effects with Adobe After Effects or create an animated short

What is Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an amazing program, though it was originally made to add effects to videos it has also been used by many studios to animate characters, objects and environments.

What is Adobe Animate?
Adobe Animate is a software package that specializes in animation first and foremost. Although other Adobe packages offer the creator to add animation, Adobe Animate is the only one that really gives the user tools to bring your drawings to life like a real animator.

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  • Ages 9 – 18
  • 对平面设计和动画感兴趣
  • Fans of comics, cartoons, anime and want to create a compelling story and animation.
  • Want to create and give life to their own animated characters for use in video games.


  • The basics of Adobe After Effects or Animate
  • 基本的绘图和动画技术
  • The 12 principles of animation that were created by Disney animators that are still used today.
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