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Programming with Python

本课程教授学生流行的编程语言 Python——非常适合后端 Web 开发、数据分析、人工智能和科学计算。 

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Programming with Java

This course teaches students the popular programming language Java –  excellent for mobile applications, software development, and systems development. 

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Coding with Minecraft

本课程提供了一种儿童友好、直观、创新的方法,用于使用流行游戏 Minecraft 学习 Python 编程语言。 

Scratch e


Our Scratch coding course provides an early foundation for younger learners who are new to coding. It’s a great way to get started and build foundational programming thinking.

Computer Science

Highschool & University Level Coding/Programming Courses

Those looking for courses in high school or university level should click the link below. Includes: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, AP Computer Science, Programming with PHP, Node.js, React, and Many more. 

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