Raspberry Pi vs Arduino , Explained!

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You’ve probably heard of Arduino and Raspberry Pi if you’re into DIY electronics. Because they are both used for varied and sometimes comparable undertakings, they are frequently compared, leading to questions such as “Which one is better?” Because Arduino and Raspberry Pi are quite different and are typically used for various reasons, the question is […]

So What Is A Raspberry Pi?

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If you are interested in the world of electronics or IoT (Internet of Things), chances are you have come across the Raspberry Pi at some point. You’ve probably seen it time and time again being used for awesome projects. Maybe you’ve ever wanted to build some of these yourself. But the question is, what exactly […]

4 Awesome Arduino Projects to Get Started!

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Four Arduino projects for beginners! What are Microprocessors? Single-board computers, like the Raspberry Pi, have enough processing power to power some spectacular maker projects, but they’re also larger and more expensive than other options. Microprocessors are used for low-cost and real-time applications. Microprocessors are little chips that can manage many sorts of input and output […]

5 Reasons to Jump Into The World of Arduino!

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Thinking about getting into Robotics? Here are 5 reasons to learn Arduino today! Related: In Just a Few Easy Steps, You Can Program An Arduino Arduino, like the Raspberry Pi, can help you learn to program, but this gadget is more focused on electronics. It’s simple to use and understand. Do you want to study […]

Unravel the Amazing World of IoT!

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The Internet of Things (or IoT) is making a lot of noise right now, and it’s having an impact on everything from how we travel and shop to how manufacturers keep track of inventories. But, first and foremost, what is the Internet of Things? What is the mechanism behind it? Is it really that significant? […]