5 Ways Coding Promotes Logical Thought

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Has your child always had an interest in computers? Do they enjoy messing with their devices or do they tend to solve technological issues before you even realise what’s wrong? Bless this generation; they grasp everything so quickly! Coding is typically a source of considerable fun for many children who are interested in computers. Coding […]

A Beginner Friendly Way to Spice Up Your Python Code!

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Learning Python can be a thrilling and gratifying journey. But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a little disappointing to work on code for hours, only for it to be presented on a bland, black and white terminal screen… So what’s one to do if you want to change things up? Maybe make your code a bit […]


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零经验?没问题!对于寻求职业转变的个人来说,新加坡的科技行业提供了一系列独特的挑战和机遇。虽然大多数职业都需要正式的学位,但也有一些优秀的职业可以在没有经验的情况下获得。你究竟在等什么?过渡到科技行业 […]

我应该报读 AP 计算机科学 A 还是 AP 计算机科学原理?

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The AP Computer Science Principles course was first offered by the College Board in 2016, and by 2019, over 100,000 teenagers had taken the exam. Female test-takers increased by 136 percent during that time period, demonstrating the course’s success. By 2020, 116,000 people will have taken the exam, up 21% from the previous year. Meanwhile, […]