Is it possible to make a game with Scratch? Part 2

The Code section The Code Tab saves all of the code blocks. Creators may add code blocks to their Sprites and backgrounds to make their sceneries more lively. Tab for Costumes You may create and change Scratch sprites and their outfits under the Costumes Tab. This is where you give your projects their names. Area […]

The 5 Greatest Easy Game Engines for Beginners

how to become a game developer in singapore

Want to get into game development? Here are some of the best Beginner Game Engines ranked for your convenience! What Is a Game Engine and How Does It Work? A game engine is a framework that makes game development easier by allowing you to use a variety of tools created specifically for game development. These […]


TAC TCC Flyer  scaled

大量研究证明,电子游戏确实有益于您的健康,消除了它们危险的神话。在听到“如果你一直盯着屏幕看你的眼睛会毁了你的眼睛”或“不要在你的房间里玩电子游戏,出去!”之类的评论后。这么长时间以来,有些人可能仍然 […]